Mouse interaction with the OpenGL window: edition

It is possible to activate the mouse "Edition" using the "Tools" menu:

a) Activating the mouse "Edition" mode using the "Tools" menu. b) when switching mode the title bar of the OpenGL window changes.

It is also possible to use the Alt+e keyboard shortcut, and to switch back to "Analysis" mode using the Alt+a shortcut.
In "Edition" mode the mouse button functions are the following:

  • Left button

    • Single click on object: object selection

    • Pressed on background + motion: selected (only) atomic coordinates rotation \(^*\)

  • Scroll button

    • Scrolled: zoom in/out

    • Pressed + motion: selected (only) atomic coordinates translation

  • Right button

    • Pressed on background: edition contextual menu

    • Pressed on object: object edition contextual menu

\(*\) The rotation is performed around the coordinates barycenter of the selected atoms.