The edition contextual menu

The mouse right click button on the background of the OpenGL window opens the edition contextual menu:

The right button contextual menu on the background of the OpenGL window.
  • The "Tools" submenu [Fig. 6.27-a] reproduces the corresponding top bar menu.

  • The "Insert" submenu [Fig. 6.27-b] offers shortcuts to insert objects in the model, and is similar to the "Select ..." menus described in section 6.1.3 for the "Replace" and "Remove" tabs of the "Model edition" dialog.

  • The "Extract/rebuild on motion" button:

    • For "Atom(s)": if activated the object(s) to be moved will be extracted from the model and translated independently, otherwise chemical bond(s) will simply be stretched.

    • For "Group of atom(s)": if activated the atomic positions of the object(s) will be corrected to get only single piece object(s).

  • The "Reset motion" button will reset all atomic coordinates to the value immediately saved when:

    • Entering the "Edition" mode: if no atoms were inserted or removed in the model.

    • Replacing/removing/inserting atom(s): if any atom was inserted or removed in the model.